With acoustic guitar, two voices and flute, the two musicians Sylvia Noel and Daniel Wiegand started their musical journey together in 2007 as “Syl & Dan”. Both have been active as musicians in a wide variety of bands and projects since their early youth, but working together should turn out to be fulfilling.

And not just musically, because the duo quickly became a couple and a family. After an initially very lively start with their own band and many concerts as well as CD production, this required a change of direction in the musical work of “Syl & Dan”. Their own songs faded into the background, so countless hours were devoted playing popular music that fed the duo. At the same time, the two learned what it means to offer their guests an unforgettable evening and as musicians they perfectly attuned to each other.

The perfect harmony singing, soulful songs and touching stories form the basis of their concerts today, with which the two likeable musicians inspire their fans and constantly inspire new music lovers for their music. Because since 2022 “Syl & Dan” have decided to go back to their original path and to reflect on their roots.

The duo remains true to their own compositions, which develop a unique style. Some call it folk pop, others chanson or a mixture of rock and Celtic music. No matter which drawer “Syl & Dan” is put into, it doesn’t change the fact that their music has grown over the years into something independent and unmistakable that touches people and makes them happy. Whether in English, German or French – “Syl & Dan” are authentic and unite their German, English and Belgian roots in songs full of beauty, grace and harmony.




Making Music Straight From The Heart

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Our mission is happieness. We love to sing and play our music. And the best thing is to perform it live. We love to meet new people and our fans. That is why we like to invite you to our next concert. See you!

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